Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Scam Alert for Grieving Families

I couldn't believe this when I read it in AARP's magazine. Scammers prey on grieving families.

When people are most vulnerable, only a few days after the loss of a loved one, the telephone rings.

The scammers tell you that your dearly depated has left a huge debt, and if it's not paid immediately, they will start collection proceedings.

Now, not being in your normal state of mind, you may give them personal information, credit card numbers, etc., just to hurry and be rid of it. And this is what they are counting on.

How To Protect Yourself

1. If you are not a cosigner with the deceased, you are under NO obligation to pay their debt. Even if you are a family member.

2. If your not sure about it, have the person calling furnish proof of the debt. Make sure they put in writing, who is owed, how much, the reason, when the debt was acquired and why are you being contacted.

3. Make sure they are legitimate by contacting the Better Business Bureau at http://www.bbb.org/.

Please, never give out your bank account numbers or credit card numbers over the phone.

Author: Sid kirchheimer, author of Scam-Proof Your Life (AARP Books/Sterling).

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the info on protecting yourself from the scammers .. it's a downright shame that this type of crime occurs but unfortunately that is the type of world we currently reside in ..