Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Protect Your Heart

You know it's coming. SNOW! Here are some tips in protecting your heart this winter.

Warm up by doing light stretching for five minutes. When you start shoveling, start out with small shovelfuls and work up from there. Use a plastic shovel and spray WD-40 on the blade so the snow won't stick.
Dress in layers so when you heat up you can start removing outer clothing. Too much heat causes your heart to beat faster. Keep your heart rate in a safe range.
Try not to lift the snow, push it instead. Do not twist to throw the snow to the side or over your shoulder.
Pace yourself by taking frequent breaks until your breathing comes back to normal. Know when to stop. If you have any discomfort it's time to stop.
More Tips:
Pay someone to shovel for you. (My favorite)
Don't eat a heavy meal before shoveling and no alcohol.
If you have chest pain, stop immediately and call 911.
If you are an inactive person, do not shovel snow.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

What Your Doodles Mean

I thought this was a very interesting topic. Fun too. Hope you enjoy it.

The secret messages of doodles. Feeling optimistic? Looking for love? Afraid to take risks? The answers can be found in your drawings according to Nancy Nelson and Alice Landry, coauthors of The Doodle Dictionary. Women are likely to doodle circles or designs, Men usually draw designs with straight lines.

CIRCLES: Circles symbolize playfulness. If you fill the circles with shapes, faces or designs, your creative, interesting and full of ideas.

BOXES: Boxes mean you are disciplined and very structured, maybe even aggressive.

SQUIGGLES: Squiggles are a sign of independence and great imagination.

SPIRALS: Spirals suggest you may be feeling wish-washy. Part of you wants to grow and expand your horizons but something is holding you back.

LOOPS: Large loops spaced widely apart means your feeling a bit lazy, even relaxed. Loops that are small and spaced close together mean your nervouse and wound up too tight.

TRIANGLES: Triangles indicate ambition and high energy. If they point upward, you might be a high achieve. If they point down, your much less ambitious.

FLOWERS: Flowers mean you are a true lover of nature and beauty. It may also mean your searching for love in your life.

DOLLAR SIGNS: Either you make a lot of money or you wish you did.

HEARTS: You are understanding and compassionate. If your hearts are pierced with arrows, you long for love and passion.

HOUSES: Houses reveal how you feel about your surroundings and yourself. Drawing large houses means you had a happy childhood. Houses with no windows mean you might be withdrawn.

NAMES: Names indicate your curious (maybe even have a crush on someone?), the person whose name you've drawn. If you repetitively draw your own name and make designs around it (like teenagers do), you are still searching for your true identity.

Heavy pen or pencil pressure shows tension.
A light touch might show hesitancy or shyness.
Optimists doodle high on the page; pessimists,low.
Introverted people tend to draw horizontal lines; assertive ones, vertical.
Curves and circles mean your easy-going.
Straight lines indicate stubbornness and rigidity.